Why You or Your Family Member Might Want a Professional Fiduciary

The choice of who to ask to serve you in your time of need has significant implications for your wellbeing. While it is easy to put off these important decisions, choosing a professional fiduciary to serve as your trustee or attorney-in-fact can be a life-changing safety net in a time of physical illness or incapacity. Consider how important it would be to have someone ready to step in to walk with you in the management of your business, financial and health care concerns at a moment’s notice when you or your loved one cannot.

Some individuals do not have a family member who is skilled at such matters, and others would rather not burden their loved ones for a variety of reasons perhaps because of the fullness of their lives, long distances, or challenging relationships. Having a professional fiduciary can be an important tool for guarding your future and the future of your family relationships.

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